The Deutsch Family

Deutsch Family

First-time parents Virginia and Jason felt a mixture of shock and fear when they learned that their 5-month-old daughter, Emmie, had a cardiac issue that would require open heart surgery. With Emmie’s heart only the size of a walnut, they did their best to remain optimistic. However, navigating her care in an unfamiliar city away from family and friends was a daunting thought.

Luckily, thanks to RMHC of GC, they wouldn’t do it alone.

Virginia remembers, “Those four walls at the hospital can be suffocating. I was numb in a sense. Then we get [to Ronald McDonald House], we get our room, and it was like Christmas morning!”

The Deutsches discovered a gift bag with Emmie’s name on it filled with thoughtful surprises and a closet filled with toiletry items. They discovered a kitchen with a fully stocked pantry where a home-cooked meal was prepared for them every evening. Around every corner, friendly faces greeted them to offer encouragement.

“We packed what we thought were the essentials, but RMHC of GC thought of things that we didn’t even think about. As a parent, you’re so focused on taking care of your child that you’re not taking care of you. The Ronald McDonald House was here to take care of us.”

Following surgery and 11 days of around the clock care, Emmie was discharged from the hospital ready to thrive. Mom Virginia shared, “After staying here, I became a donor myself because I believe in this mission. I believe in this House. RMHC of GC was here for me when I needed it the most. It’s more than a bed. It’s a hug, It’s a smile. It’s a friendly conversation. RMHC of GC is there for families.”

That’s the power of your support! You never know what kindness your own generosity will inspire, so please give today. Your gift could support all our programs at RMHC of GC – including our Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Room at Caroline’s Corner, and our Happy Wheels/Hospitality Carts.

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