The Borders Family

The Borders Family, originally from Roanoke, VA, could not anticipate the challenges ahead when their eleven-year-old son Zaire was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. To treat Zaire’s condition, medical providers recommended a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, because providers in Roanoke did not specialize in the transplant Zaire needed, his family had to seek treatment over three hours from home at Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital. Due to complications post-transplant, Zaire’s recovery would become much longer than originally anticipated.

Dr. Michael Kent, Zaire’s provider, remarks, “Having [the hospital] … readily available and having access is honestly part of the reason we’re able to have a transplant program.” Dr. Kent shares, “If people like Zaire couldn’t stay someplace locally, I’m not sure I could have actually taken them for transplant.”

The Borders Family stayed at RMHC of GC for 439 nights while Zaire received care. By staying at RMHC of GC, the family avoided expenses associated with traveling for medical care in Charlotte. For meals and lodging alone, the family saved an estimated $86,000. In addition to the cost-savings, our families also experience the comforts of home, support from staff and volunteers, and community during challenging moments.

“Giving to places like Ronald McDonald House is so important because it allows us to bring patients from far away – patients that don’t have a similar type of transplant option close to home,” Dr. Kent shares. “That can mean the difference between life and death for a lot of kids.”

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