Trinity's Family

The D’Autorio Family

Trinity D’Autorio was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 2. She has been in treatment for almost 6 years. She recently relapsed and it was discovered that she has a specific mutation that makes her cancer cells invisible on scans and hard to predict. This type of rare mutation makes Trinity very high risk for another relapse. She is currently on two different types of chemotherapy. After finding out about this mutation, Trinity and her family were recommended to participate in a clinical trial, which at the time was in Michigan, and now is here in Charlotte at Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital.

Trinity has a younger and older sister, Anastasia and Cierra, along with her mother and father. The D’Autorio Family is from Gibsonton. Florida. Sometimes driving hours in a rental car, or flying to Charlotte twice a year for a family of 5 is very difficult, which causes Trinity to mostly travel with her mother or father, while the other parent stays at home with her siblings. Trinity’s second visit to Charlotte always lands around the holiday season. Families belong together during the holidays and RMHC of GC provides the perfect and affordable place for the D’Autorio family to be together, especially during the holidays.

“You guys think of everything. You think of the siblings. This is a place for families.” Trinity’s mom, Skyla expressed. RMHC of Greater Charlotte believes that it’s not just a sick child, it’s a sick family. Creating a space for all types of families to grieve, heal, and emotionally express themselves while being together is a top priority.

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