The Taylor/Bowles Family

In honor of National Heart Month celebrating 100 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte would like to spotlight one of our current “heart” families.

Sayge Mattison Taylor was born on November 28, 2023, to Sabrina Bowles and Kim Taylor of Pilot Mountain, NC weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Sayge was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, known as Heterotaxy, prior to her birth. At just 8 days old, she underwent her first open heart surgery.

Sayge’s Heterotaxy refers to an abnormal arrangement of her stomach, heart, and other organs on the right side of her body. Thankfully, RMHC of Greater Charlotte was available for Sayge’s family. Sabrina and Kim were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House just steps from the hospital so they could be by her side at a moment’s notice.

During Sayge’s care in the NICU, it was discovered that she was having respiratory issues and was then diagnosed with Tracheomalacia. Sayge underwent a procedure removing the extra tissue that was self-obstructing her air passageway. When Sabrina was pregnant, they knew about the Heterotaxy, but did not foresee her experiencing serious breathing complications as well.

Sabrina was tested for genetic heart diseases after the birth of her first child, Marilee, as Marilee has congenital heart defects as well. “The test I took was 5 years ago. Compared to the ones they have now, we’ve realized the accuracy has increased a ton.” Sabrina explained. “I had no idea I was passing on a heart defect to her. I thought I was cleared.” 

“While (Sayge) is sleeping, it’s not beneficial for us to be by her side, that’s why it’s nice to have RMHC to come home to, rest and get our energy back so when she does need us, we are there. The Ronald McDonald House is so convenient. The shuttles. The meals. It’s all so appreciated.” Sabrina stated. “We’ve made friends (at RMHC). We’ve seen lots of different groups of people being here for so long and we’ve seen families go home before us, but we know that we will get there too. It gives us hope.”

As of February 8th, Sabrina and Kim have stayed at RMHC for 69 nights.

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