HOST an event for rmhc

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte. RMHC of Greater Charlotte strives to be a good steward of the funds entrusted to us by our supporters, partners and the community, and we ask that this commitment applies to all fundraising activities conducted on our behalf.

To submit a request, please fill out our ONLINE Third Party Event request form.  

A third party event is an activity intended to raise funds in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte. The primary responsibility for organizing and conducting the event lies with the volunteers and/or staff of the company, organization or group that has been approved to execute the event. The event is promoted to raise funds for the House and our families.

The following guidelines have been established to serve as a standard for all fundraising promotions, programs, special events and benefits held on behalf of RMHC of Greater Charlotte by any third party, individual or group (hereafter referred to as the “Sponsor.”)

  • All activities must be consistent with the mission of RMHC of Greater Charlotte, non-controversial and adherent to any and all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Use of RMHC of Greater Charlotte’s name will only be authorized after the completion and approval of the Third-Party Event proposal.  Once approved, the Sponsor is authorized to use the name “Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte” only in connection with the fundraising event, and only until the completion of the event or termination of this agreement.
  • All press releases, advertisements (i.e. any marketing collateral) must be approved by the Director of Marketing & Communications prior to distribution.
  • Due to limited staff and resources, RMHC of Greater Charlotte cannot guarantee assistance in promoting, staffing, and/or speaking the event.
  • RMHC of Greater Charlotte is unable to aid in soliciting donations, handling of mailings, attending committee meetings, recruiting attendees, collecting monies or providing access to donors/sponsor/volunteer lists or contacts.
  • Sponsors shall perform all things necessary for the successful completion of the fundraising event and shall assume full obligation and responsibility for the payment of all expenses in connection therewith, without regard to the amount of funds collected for the event.
  • If the Sponsor represents to the public that a certain amount of money, percentage of proceeds, or profits will benefit the RMHC of Greater Charlotte, the Sponsor should be prepared to provide access to an accounting of revenues and expenses to the Director of Marketing & Communications if requested. Funds should be presented to the RMHC of Greater Charlotte within 60 days of the event or program’s end.
  • Sponsor agrees to inform RMHC of Greater Charlotte of any plans to recruit underwriters or sponsors for the fundraising activity. This ensures that there will be no duplication of efforts that may be underway.
  • Please do not solicit raffle items or auction items for third-party events. RMHC of Greater Charlotte hosts several events each year involving raffles and auctions and we need to ensure that we do not exhaust limited resources.
  • RMHC of Greater Charlotte cannot be responsible for processing funds, negotiating or paying vendors, solicitations, sales and/or other administrative functions of the Sponsor’s event or program. Sponsor should make all arrangements for all vendors, expenses and necessary support.
  • Proposals submitted to RMHC of Greater Charlotte should clearly and specifically state the fundraising activity plan, timeline, expected attendance/participation, and desired or expected financial contributions.
  • RMHC of Greater Charlotte reserves the right to protect the privacy of our volunteers, clients and staff. Permission to use names, images, photos, likenesses or other personal information must be secured from both the individual and the Director of Marketing & Communications prior to use by the Sponsor.

Each request will be considered individually, and we appreciate your patience as we give each request thoughtful and thorough consideration!

For more information or questions contact: 

​Kayla Roberts
Marketing & Events Specialist