Volunteer Recognition

Without volunteers, we could not serve families to the fullest. Special congratulations and thank you to those volunteers who have exceeded expectations and help “keep families close”. Have questions about your hours? Contact Leslie Teiro at leslie@rmhclt.org.

Golden Heart Recipient – January 2024

Golden Heart

Past Golden Heart Recipients

Ricky Johnson

Larry Sauvager

Anny & Ruth Ann Peters

Mary Lu Cinque

Karen & Jim Gesl

Anika Misra

Amber Wilkins

1500 Hours

Susan Kechijian

Lee Henderson

Vicki Landseidel

1000 Hours

Kathy McVaney

Peggy Dhande

Emily Louer

Judy Miller

Marguerite Rupar

Janis Cook

Frances Williams

Mike Higgins

750 Hours

Gladys Cheney

Allison Dobbins

Ginger White

Betty Geers

Benna Milliken

Christine Schattner

Janice Shubin

Sherry Slifer

Ginger Seabrook

500 Hours

Carol Ransone

Karen Feezor

Gene Wilson

Karen Silva

Gretchen Payne

Renee Starcevich

Diane Trimberger

Buddy Perry

250 Hours

Gill Jenkinson

Karen O’ Gorman

Denise Palmaro

Gordon Slifer

Larry Sauvager

Dana Driver

Jacky Freeman

Teresa Becker

Sabree Harris

Debbie Tankle

Jewel Morris

Dawn Osborne

Les Miller

Susan Spencer

Erin Askins

Adrienne Vinson

Dee Dee Watts

Jackie Myers

Tucker Summerville

Delores McNair

Anna Tuten

Susan Fisher

Beth Pressley

Emily Anna

Jo Pittman

Emily Anna

Frances Hamilton

Dee Bell

Rosalynn Miller